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AI boost for Ukraine

100 000 investment projects are manageable with uBird

In the next few years, Ukraine will face a severe challenge of tens of thousands of complex infrastructure and entrepreneurial projects. However, this is the only chance for the country to restore itself and participate as an equal in international production, not just as a raw material resource. 

The number of projects is a hundred times more than what has been created in Ukraine in recent years, which means that even large international investors with experience in Ukraine will need to increase their Ukrainian portfolio tenfold. This presents a significant barrier to the management and decision-making systems in Ukraine and the world.

Improving legislation and organizational procedures is essential to overcome this obstacle, but more is needed. Our company is working on the uBird system, a flexible and adaptive AI product that can simplify and speed up the process of building a new Ukraine several times over. With the knowledge and experience gained from diagnosing physical defects in power lines, Hepta Airborne can help rebuild and improve the country’s infrastructure.

All stakeholders on the same page

The key objective of uBird is accelerating Ukraine’s infrastructure repair process by creating digital twins, enabling rapid decision-making based on objective data. uBird is easy to integrate into traditional ERPs and government digital solutions. 

We have the experience to combine the uBird with SAP, UTG, Bentley Infrastructure Software. Integrating with government services, businesses, and utilities, uBird will provide smooth cooperation and transparency in restoring and developing the country’s essential services, such as electricity, gas, water, fuel, and transportation networks.

Key benefits for Ukraine

The key benefits for Ukraine are accelerated recovery, increased efficiency, and increased transparency and connectivity. 

Using modern technologies and artificial intelligence solutions, uBird can significantly reduce the time required to assess and repair damaged infrastructure. Using AI and machine learning, uBird will up to 15X  increase the productivity and accuracy of engineering evaluation and auditing processes. 

uBird reduces the cost of administering investment projects many times over and helps optimize and control the allocation of resources during the restoration and continued operation of the country’s infrastructure. 

uBird creates trust and confidence, providing an objective picture of what is happening “on the ground” simultaneously available to all stakeholders of recovery projects.

Hepta's credentials for Ukraine

We have years of experience in power line design, inspection, and maintenance, conducting successful projects in 13 countries worldwide. Since 2019, we have collaborated with Ukraine’s largest power grid operator, DTEK-Grids 

During the war, our engineers developed new features of uBird. Now, this system can be quickly taught to work with any infrastructure, including roads, bridges, transformer substations, solar power plants, pits, pipelines, railway lines, and more 

It is enough to create a constant flow of data about the objects, and the system can automatically generate lists of significant defects by critical parameters within three months. It’s confirmed with numbers. Our AI quickly masters any analysis that requires a visual assessment.

Our partners, e-Estonia, Intertrust, and the Poland University of Applied Science, are ready to support this project. Their support will help us scale up and provide security and flexibility for further implementation.


Our figures and timeline indicate that it will take six months to adapt our solution in the “grid vertical” of the power industry and three months to produce a dense project for the selected region and cooperate with the “drone fleet” of Ukraine. Twelve months to integrate with various infrastructures and digital Ukraine (Diia, ProZorro, platforms to support entrepreneurial projects).

Power line inspection challenges

Power line inspection challenges and how to overcome them

Learn what are the most common power line inspection challenges grid operators face and how they are overcome with Hepta Airborne's help.

Forward-looking grid operators gather at the Hepta Innovation Summit

Last week saw different grid operators gather in Tallinn for the Hepta Innovation Summit, which aimed to encourage experience sharing and discussions about modernisation among DSOs and TSOs. Over the two day event, participants got a chance to hear presentations from both industry experts and innovation leaders and take part in a live demo day, showing the latest drone inspection technology.

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