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Forward-looking grid operators gather at the Hepta Innovation Summit

Last week saw different grid operators gather in Tallinn for the Hepta Innovation Summit, which aimed to encourage experience sharing and discussions about modernisation among DSOs and TSOs. Over the two day event, participants got a chance to hear presentations from both industry experts and innovation leaders and take part in a live demo day, showing the latest drone inspection technology.
Crooked cross-arm on a power line

Latest AI-models added to Hepta’s power line inspection platform uBird

For years, Hepta Airborne has developed and continuously improved its machine learning models in the uBird platform. The machine learning models are designed to ease the burden of grid operators' inspection and analysis efforts. Find out what are the latest AI-models added to the uBird power line inspection platform.

Hepta Airborne’s CEO Henri Klemmer talks about creating strategic partnerships and eco-systems at the Energy Tech Summit

The annual Energy Tech Summit conference in Warsaw saw Hepta Airborne's CEO Henri Klemmer share his thoughts about creating strategic partnerships during a workshop hosted by Florian Kolb from Intertrust and Martin Möller from DigiKoo.

The importance of vegetation management for utility companies

Dangerous and overgrown vegetation can cause serious damage to power grids. Find out how utility companies avoid outages and blackouts with the help of vegetation management and uBird inspection platform

How machine learning models speed up and improve inspections in uBird

Machine learning models are used by Hepta's clients on a daily basis and their performance is an integral part of the uBird platform. Read what are the most significant improvements that stem from the use of Hepta's machine learning models.
Overhead power lines

Defect detection in overhead power line inspection using AI solutions

Find out how customer-specific AI models help Hepta Airborne's customers to detect more relevant defects in overhead power lines.

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