News about digitizing infrastructures and automating utility inspection with drones and AI


The importance of vegetation management for utility companies

Dangerous and overgrown vegetation can cause serious damage to power grids. Find out how utility companies avoid outages and blackouts with the help of vegetation management and uBird inspection platform

How machine learning models speed up and improve inspections in uBird

Machine learning models are used by Hepta's clients on a daily basis and their performance is an integral part of the uBird platform. Read what are the most significant improvements that stem from the use of Hepta's machine learning models.
Overhead power lines

Defect detection in overhead power line inspection using AI solutions

Find out how customer-specific AI models help Hepta Airborne's customers to detect more relevant defects in overhead power lines.

Hepta Airborne recognized as an exemplary service provider

Recently Hepta's efforts, diligent work and delivered results were recognised by Enefit Connect, as they named Hepta Airborne an exemplary service provider.

How to save time and improve inspection accuracy with machine learning models in uBird

Machine learning models are created to recognize patterns and find specific details in huge datasets. For example, a machine learning model can help you find every photo containing wristwatches, from all of the photos you have taken in your life. But before you can employ a machine learning model, you will first need to create a machine learning algorithm.

Drone data analysis in power line inspections

Drone data analysis helps power grid operators to detect defects that would be otherwise hidden from the naked eye. While traditional, on-foot inspection teams depend on what they see from the ground, drones enable inspection teams to both get a closer look at the power poles and use different sensors for data collection.
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