News about digitizing infrastructures and automating utility inspection with drones and AI


Task-optimised UAV helicopter helps cover three thousand kilometres

Traditional inspection techniques are typically extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. The ground-based method is a massive workload and can be somewhat hazardous for the staff. So what’s the alternative? Look up to the sky!

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The uBird platform, used for automating power line and utility inspection and analysis is now open for sign up for all of those who manage grid inspections. Join other professional utility managers and inspectors by digitizing your grid!

Hepta Airborne raises €2M to digitize energy infrastructure and automate inspection

Estonian AI-driven technology company Hepta Airborne aims to make power line inspection far more safe, comfortable, and fast. Hepta announced today that it had raised €2 million in funding.

Faster, Higher, Farther with Drone Technology

In order to assess the condition of an electricity network, they must be constantly monitored and inspected. Inaccurate and slowly collected data prompted the Hepta Airborne team to look for a solution that would make the inspection faster, more precise, and less expensive. 

How the uBird solution speeds up utility inspections and finds defects in the power line grids – an interview

To find out how AI impacts the utility inspection process in 2021, we interviewed Toomas Välja, the VP of Sales, at Hepta Airborne. A company that digitizes and automates the inspection of power lines and other infrastructure, through the use of drones and machine learning.

Detecting woodpecker damage on fibre-optic cables with drones – Connecto project

Hepta Airborne conducted a project for Connecto to assess the extent of woodpecker damage on fibre-optic cables.

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