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A Guide to Aerial Inspection Pilot Project

Amidst rapid development in technology, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming increasingly popular in various domains since they’re far more superior than their manned counterparts. Power line inspection is one domain where UAVs or drones offer massive potential with enhanced speed, efficiency, safety, and data management systems.

People, processes, and procedures required for a safe aerial inspection of power lines

As a company pioneering more benign services of the unmanned aerial inspection of power lines, Hepta ensures that airborne security and safety are taken very seriously. Regulatory approval is necessary to obtain “beyond visual line of sight” (BVLOS) flight permits essential for the productive inspection of long power lines.

UAV payloads and software in efficient data gathering and analysis

Hepta Airborne’s innovations always focus on payloads to ensure that the drones cover the required inspection areas and succeed in efficient data gathering. The company currently uses various payloads – including optical RGB photos, infrared, LiDAR, and CORONA – to gather the data required by grid operators.

Task-optimised UAV helicopter helps cover three thousand kilometres

Traditional inspection techniques are typically extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. The ground-based method is a massive workload and can be somewhat hazardous for the staff. So what’s the alternative? Look up to the sky!

Sign up and try uBird platform for automating your utility analysis!

The uBird platform, used for automating power line and utility inspection and analysis is now open for sign up for all of those who manage grid inspections. Join other professional utility managers and inspectors by digitizing your grid!

Hepta Airborne raises €2M to digitize energy infrastructure and automate inspection

Estonian AI-driven technology company Hepta Airborne aims to make power line inspection far more safe, comfortable, and fast. Hepta announced today that it had raised €2 million in funding.

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