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Detecting woodpecker damage on fibre-optic cables with drones – Connecto project

Hepta Airborne conducted a drone inspection project for Connecto to assess the extent of woodpecker damage on fibre-optic cables. During regular powerline inspections, the detection of woodpecker damage on poles is a regular task. But this was the first time Hepta Airborne conducted an inspection to find defects caused by woodpeckers in the fibre-optic grid. Read on from the case studies…

Example of woodpecker damage on fibre-optic cables in Estonia, defects marked in uBird Software.

EIT InnoEnergy's Daniel Dobbeni is tech company Hepta Airborne’s newest Supervisory Board member

Hepta Airborne – a tech company that digitizes infrastructure inspection – announced that Daniel Dobbeni, a high-level executive, board member of InnoEnergy, and Managing Director of ETHAN SPRL-BVBA, has joined Hepta Airborne’s Supervisory Board.

Hepta Airborne’s self-service platform speeds up drone image analysis

Following years of internal use and improved performance in analyzing electricity grids across the EU, the Estonian-founded tech company, Hepta Airborne is releasing a freemium version of its AI-driven software, uBird, to the drone operator community.

Estonian Railways conducts pilot project with Hepta Airborne to digitize physical railway assets using drones and AI-driven analysis

Estonian Railways and technology company Hepta Airborne conducted a successful pilot project, which applied innovative inspection methodologies to map railway infrastructure faster and without the need to stop railway traffic.

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