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Hepta Airborne recognized as an exemplary service provider

Over the past four years, Hepta Airborne has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Enefit Connect, one of the biggest network operators in Estonia. During that time period, Hepta’s inspection teams have covered and analysed huge amounts of power lines all over Estonia. A lot of effort has also been put into conducting post-storm inspections, which allow the critical power supply on which thousands of people rely on, to be restored quickly and efficiently. Overall, a lot of hard work has been put in by both sides, making sure the power grid is well inspected and taken care of. That is also why Enefit Connect has renewed its contract with Hepta, currently working on a new five-year plan.

Hepta's drone operator at work

Hepta’s drone operator at work

Recently Hepta’s efforts, diligent work and delivered results were recognised by Enefit Connect, as they named Hepta Airborne an exemplary service provider. At a meeting in the Enefit Connect head office, Hepta’s operations team was awarded an appreciation plaque, commemorating Hepta for fulfilling all of the tasks in a timely manner and helping to map all of the grids’ problem spots.

Hepta’s operations team being presented with the appreciation plaque at the Enefit Connect head office

This not only came as a wonderful surprise but also gave everyone in Hepta the added motivation to achieve even more in the future. All of Hepta’s employees are thankful for the recognition and appreciation shown by Enefit Connect.

Appreciation plaque text

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