Head of Drone Operations

Remote job

Job description

We are looking for an outstanding Head of Drone Operations to join our team.

Hepta Airborne is a technology company that automates the analysis of power lines by utilising drones and artificial intelligence. Hepta helps utility companies find defects and potential risks to prevent future failures and save costs. Our customers prefer us because we offer end-to-end service to cover all stages - from data collection (photos, IR imagery, LiDAR) to analysis (efficient tools and AI-aided processes) and delivery (integrations and reporting). Our software platform, uBird, allows customers to get a detailed overview of their assets and make well-informed decisions. We are constantly developing and adding new features to uBird to give our customers the tools to succeed. Today, Hepta Airborne is trusted to analyse over 3000km of power lines every month.

Our customers are utility companies around the globe, including Estonia, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

Things you will be working on
  • leading the team of 10 and recruiting new members if needed
  • planning drone operation projects end-to-end and making sure the projects get delivered on time, meeting the expectations of the customer and forecasted budgets
  • continuous and proactive communication with customers
  • working with other teams in the company for a smooth project delivery
  • increasing and maintaining the team's productivity, motivation and positive atmosphere
  • managing the budgets of your team and projects

Hot topics that you would be dealing with right after joining

  • ensuring the ongoing projects get delivered
  • planning and executing new projects in countries across the world
  • overseeing the process of obtaining permissions for flights in complex areas to keep drone operations safe and legal

Job requirements

You'll fit great with the team if you

  • appreciate the sometimes messy but invigorating early-stage company work environment. We are in a stage where we make decisions fast and adjust our priorities to deliver the highest value to the customers. You feel comfortable, or better yet, thrive in such an environment.
  • have previous experience in managing teams, showcasing that you will be good at working with smart and hardworking people in our team. Treating people well and helping the team deliver the projects will be your priorities.
  • are great at managing resources, demonstrating that you can plan and keep the budgets and have the work equipment in the right place at the right time.
  • are an excellent verbal and written communicator (in English). It will be your task to actively engage with the customers and solve any obstacles while you deliver the projects.
  • can prioritise tasks and maintain composure during pressing times. There are periods when there are a lot of different tasks on the table demanding your attention at once.
  • have the readiness to travel. Hepta has drone operations in multiple countries. Sometimes, it's necessary to visit countries in Europe or further away to make sure we hold up to our highest standards while delivering the project.
  • have a proactive attitude and mindset, taking the initiative to improve processes and outcomes.
Bonus: You own and fly drones and are interested in technology.

Job specifics

  • Full-time.
  • Fully remote (UTC +/- 2).
  • We meet face-to-face once a month with the whole team somewhere in Estonia.
  • Travelling across Europe and further when needed.

Benefits of this job
  • A work environment of experienced and smart colleagues with the mindset of getting things done.
  • Working with exciting technologies like cutting-edge drones, sensors, LiDARs etc.
  • You will be a part of the core team and can personally contribute to the direction of the company.
  • Work with global customers and travel to various countries.
  • Team events, work equipment, stock options

Join Hepta Airborne and be a part of the team that thrives on innovation, embraces challenges and is leading the shaping of the future of infrastructure assets management!