Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack/Front-End)

Tartu, Estonia

Job description

We are looking for an outstanding Senior Software Engineer to join our team, full-stack or front-end.

We aim to automate as much of the physical power lines infrastructure inspection as possible by automating the analysis using AI.

Customers prefer us because we offer end-to-end services to cover all required development and implementation stages – data collection (photos, IR imagery, LIDAR), analysis (efficient tools and AI-aided processes), and delivery (integrations and reporting).

Our customers are utility companies around the globe, including in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Montenegro, Spain, Portugal, Chile.

You will be working on:

  • Design, build and scale the applications to overcome various challenges in automating drone flight planning, data collection, analysis, data display, and reporting. The core front-end stack consists of TypeScript, React, and RTK w/ Redux-Saga. Spring 5 on Java, JPA, PostgreSQL on the back-end. You will have a say in the technical architecture for the software products we create.
  • Learn the user feedback to propose and implement solutions for better UX in the software products.
  • Write high-quality code in order to continuously ship value to customers.
  • Contribute to the planning of future developments from the very early stage.
  • Project leadership and technical mentorship for other engineers, so every new person joins a supportive environment and hits the ground running.

Hot topics that you would be dealing with right after joining:

  • Efficiently fetching and visualizing tens to hundreds of thousands of data points in the browser while keeping the application performant.
  • Designing and building data pipelines for efficient handling of terabytes of information gathered by drones.
  • Working at the cutting edge of the Canvas API (using OpenLayers/Konva) for visualizing data on interactive maps and developing image analysis tooling.
  • Building and improving the user experience of the application to increase the efficiency of the inspection specialists working with the tool - including, reducing clicks for manual activities and making it smooth to work with the AI.
  • Diving into WebGL and working with Three.js to visualize point clouds.

Job requirements

We are looking for 

  • A mindset that appreciates the (sometimes messy) collaborative and fast-paced startup work environment. We are in a stage where we take fast decisions, make changes in the priorities, and at the same time keep the focus on delivering the highest value to the customers. You need to feel comfortable, or better yet, thrive in such an environment.
  • Experienced in front-end or full-stack software development.
  • Experience in creating intuitive user experience in software products.
  • Product-mindedness and customer-centric take on software development.
  • Experience in designing software systems capable of efficiently handling big amounts of data. 
  • Proactive attitude – inclination to take initiative and contribute to software design choices.


    Job specifics  

    • Full-time.
    • Location at either of the offices in Estonia (Tartu, Tallinn) or remote with occasional office visits. 



    • Experienced and nice to work with colleagues.
    • A best-in-class tech stack.
    • An open-minded and collaborative working environment with an emphasis on getting things done.
    • Opportunities to learn and work with new technologies, including AI technologies and drones. 
    • Work with high-profile customers and in an exciting industry (high-end drones, electricity power grid, LiDAR, machine-learning, modern technologies and hi-tech equipment). 
    • Passionate team, events, annual summer days, decent salary, etc.