News about digitizing infrastructures and automating utility inspection with drones and AI

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The uBird platform, used for automating power line and utility inspection and analysis is now open for sign up for all of those who manage grid inspections. uBird speeds up the analysis of power lines and other infrastructure, such as, pipelines, railways, and telecommunication lines.

uBird is a platform developed by Hepta Airborne for those working with thousands of images, captured with drones or other methods, who need an effective way to detect grid defects quickly. uBird allows users to annotate such defects systematically and give their maintenance teams actionable reports. The platform also provides the option to make inspections more efficient by automating parts of the process through the use of AI.

With uBird, you can get a complete and in-depth overview of the state of your utility assets:

· upload images gathered by drone, helicopter, or ground;

· map exact pole positions and manage thousands of images at once;

· find and annotate defects;

· review outcomes on a powerful dashboard;

· send actionable reports to maintenance teams via the cloud, PDF, XLS, or enterprise integrations like SAP.

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In addition, you can try the machine learning functionality to automate defect detection. This function helps you save time in the future, and decreases your manual workload.
To request a demo and to unlock the AI functionality on your personal uBird account, make sure to contact our team at moc.enrobriaatpeh#ofni

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About Hepta Airborne

Hepta Airborne digitizes utility inspection by automating it with drones and AI-driven analysis.

The process starts with drone-based data collection, followed by data analysis with the help of the uBird AI software, finally leading to the delivery of results to the client systems.

Different sensors provide options for data capture, including photos, LiDAR scanning, thermal, orthophotos, Corona discharge detection, and photogrammetry. This enables a variety of projects, from grid defect detection and 3D models to prediction scenarios with vegetation and a full digital twin of your utilities.

Hepta Airborne provides grid inspection services for DSOs and TSOs, railway, and communication companies in 11 countries. As of 2021 the monthly inspection of 3,000 km of lines has been entrusted to Hepta Airborne.


EIT InnoEnergy's Daniel Dobbeni is tech company Hepta Airborne’s newest Supervisory Board member

Hepta Airborne – a tech company that digitizes infrastructure inspection – announced that Daniel Dobbeni, a high-level executive, board member of InnoEnergy, and Managing Director of ETHAN SPRL-BVBA, has joined Hepta Airborne’s Supervisory Board.

Hepta Airborne’s self-service platform speeds up drone image analysis

Following years of internal use and improved performance in analyzing electricity grids across the EU, the Estonian-founded tech company, Hepta Airborne is releasing a freemium version of its AI-driven software, uBird, to the drone operator community.

Estonian Railways conducts pilot project with Hepta Airborne to digitize physical railway assets using drones and AI-driven analysis

Estonian Railways and technology company Hepta Airborne conducted a successful pilot project, which applied innovative inspection methodologies to map railway infrastructure faster and without the need to stop railway traffic.

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