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Hepta Airborne raises €2M to digitize energy infrastructure and automate inspection

Estonian AI-driven technology company Hepta Airborne aims to make power line inspection far more safe, comfortable, and fast. Hepta announced today that it had raised €2 million in funding.
powerline storm inspection tree on line 2

Storm damages to power lines will be resolved faster in the future

Press release. Storm damages to power lines will be resolved faster in the future.  Finnish energy company Järvi-Suomen Energia, who distributes electricity for over 100 000 customers in Finland’s lake district, tested in cooperation with Estonian technology company Hepta Airborne, an innovative way to monitor power lines after a storm.
5Gdrones partners in Greece Hepta Airborne

5G and Drones will solve poor network connection during crowded events

AI-driven power line analysis company Hepta Airborne in cooperation with partners such as NCSR Demokritos, Cosmoste,, Egaleo, Infolysis, CAFA Tech and many more, related to 5G! Drones project tested the possibility to offer a better level of Network services, specifically to leave behind dropped calls and degraded Internet connectivity during mass events.

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